Rolemaster Combat Minion – Now a silver pick product

Rolemaster Combat Minion SoftwareIron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce that the brilliant e-support product Rolemaster Combat Minion – Rolemaster Classic Edition has now reached the status of ‘Silver Pick Product’ on RPGNow.
Under 6% of products on RPGNow receive this accolade and we’re really proud to have another product achieve this level of success. A huge thanks to everyone who has purchased and supported the Rolemaster Combat Minion and all Iron Crown Enterprises products.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Combat Minion, you can try the app for free at The free web app includes six combat tables: Broadsword, Short Bow, Shock Bolt attack tables, and the Slash, Puncture, Electricity critical tables
Rolemaster Combat Minion offers a quick and easy way to manage combat encounters. It streamlines the entire combat process, including initiative, combat calculations, attack and critical tables. It can be used on any desktop PC or tablet with a normal web browser.
The Rolemaster Combat Minion – Rolemaster Classic Edition license unlocks the entire Rolemaster Classic set of attack and critical tables.
Features include:

  • Your own database of PCs, NPCs and monsters (create/edit/clone)
  • Initiative sequence fully automated
  • Attack results calculated by the software with full table lookups
  • All wounds applied, tracked and saved by the software
  • Encounter log showing the entire sequence of combat actions
  • Save and restore your database of PCs/NPCs/monsters
  • Create and install custom attack and critical tables


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