Rolemaster at Fantasy Grounds Virtual Con – The roundup

For those of you who couldn’t make this years Fantasy Grounds Virtual Con, one of our fans, the brilliant Bennis1980 who GM’d one of the Rolemaster games, has put together this brilliant round up of how it went:

“The Fantasy Grounds Online Con had a good RM contingent present. I ran one game (my first at a Con) and I feel I could have run one or two more as all the RM games were fully booked.

I sent a survey before I started to check who was familiar with RM and who had experience with using Fantasy Grounds. About half the players who joined had little or no FG knowledge. I ran a tutorial for these players after the game was finished.

So the game:
I ran a module of A Wedding at Axebridge (converted from HARP). We skipped the wedding and went straight to the after-party, a romp through an evil fey temple! I managed to include three combat encounters in the 4hr game (RM combat is super quick in Fantasy Grounds – tables are automatically retrieved for the GM when the dice are rolled so no searching). The party also had time for a spot of treasure fishing in a 15′ pool and had to figure out how to deal with a particularly nasty trap. We had one PC death (well it was only a flesh wound) and from the feedback I received afterwards, everyone seemed to have a good time.

We hope more RM players join us over on the FG forums so we can really grow this ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. Remember, you don’t need to purchase FG to enjoy it if the GM has an ultimate licence.”


So if you’re interested in seeing what Fantasy Grounds has to offer, or if you’re simply looking for a game, pop along to and have a look. I can’t recommend it enough.