Real life critical fumbles – Travel

No matter how many adventures you’ve been on, no matter how many foes you have defeated and no matter how many villages you have saved, everyone has moments when they’re not fully paying attention or when they’re a little too hung over or when they are simply having a bad day.
That’s why fumbles exist, because no one is always at their best. In gaming terms fumbles can happen at any time and lead to you injuring yourself, injuring your friends or aiding your enemies, but fumbling in real life can be no less disastrous and fumbling travel can lead to lost belongings, lost time or loss of life.
Game prep real life critical fumbles:

01 – 25 It rains every day you are away. Still… It could be worse
26 – 30 You leave your sunglasses at home. It’s mildly annoying but you can buy new ones – 5cp
31 – 40 You suffer terribly from jet lag – 10 to initiative
41 – 50 You do not speak the language and no one speaks your language – 10 to initiative and -5 to Re
51 – 60 It is insanely hot and you are completely unprepared. Take 5 hits for every hour you are outside.
61 – 65 You make the mistake of trying the local moonshine. -10 Re, -15 to initiative, -10 Me, -10 to perception, 5 hits
66 Your plane crashes. You are the only survivor. You swim to a nearby island, thinking it to be deserted. It isn’t. Tom Hanks is there. Lose 40 rounds as he bores you with tales of how much he misses Wilson
67 – 70 You fall asleep in the sun – 10 hits, A heat critical
71 – 80 You are bitten to shreds by insects. – 10 hits, resistance roll against poison, -5 to Re as all you can think about is itching.
81 – 85 Your body is not used to the local food/water/climate and begins to reject everything you eat – 20 hits, resistance roll against poison
86 – 90 Your phrase book was written by a prankster and you say something very rude about the market stall holder’s mother. He reacts badly – 25 hits, stunned and prone for 2 rounds
91 – 95 You wake up one morning and find the town you are holidaying in all but deserted. As you investigate you hear a strange rumbling. Around the corner comes a herd of stampeding bulls. -25 hits B crush critical
96 – 99 Whilst trying to erect your tent, you slip and bury a tent peg in your leg. You step backwards, screaming in agony and find yourself in the fire – 25 hits, bleeding at 5 hits per round, B puncture critical, A heat critical
100 You decide to ‘get away from it all’ by staying in a mountain-locked hotel during the winter. You slowly become possesed by an evil spirit that inhabits the hotel and kill everyone you meet with an axe. Your family flee into a hedge maze to escape your killing frenzy and you become lost and disorientated. Your last thought as you freeze to death is “I should have used the axe to chop my way out of the maze” – Death