Real life critical fumbles – The office

Fumbles exist because sometimes even the most experienced and prepared adventurers have a bad day. In gaming terms fumbles can lead to you injuring yourself, injuring your friends or aiding your enemies, but fumbling in real life can be no less disastrous. Some days life just feels like one critical fumble after another.
Had a bad day at the office? Here are our real life critical fumbles:

01 – 25 You accidently bought decaf coffee this morning – Initiative at -10
26 – 30 In your haste to get something printed, you load the printer with the wrong paper and it jams. Spend 15 rounds trying to fix it yourself before sneaking off and pretending it wasn’t you.
31 – 40 You open a window and all your papers fly everywhere. You must now spend 30 rounds picking them up and organising them.
41 – 50 You accidentally call your boss ‘mummy’ -50 to all charm type skills
51 – 60 You enter the toilets to find a colleague sobbing uncontrollably. Spend 60 rounds consoling them.
61 – 65 Your computer breaks and you have to spend the afternoon working in the spare office with Kevin and his knock knock jokes – Make a resistance roll against rubbish jokes (less than 50 results in -10 to all skill checks for the rest of the day)
66 Your new boss arrives and it’s your ex – All skill and RR are now at -20 as she makes life very difficult for you.
67 – 70 Run too fast to a meeting and run straight into your boss as you turn a corner -5 hits each, both prone for 5 rounds
71 – 80 The birthday cake you bought in for Susan in accounts had some bad eggs in it. Everyone is sick -50 to all charm type skills, all your relationships are ruined and pr at -10
81 – 85 Miss your mouth and pour coffee all down your front -20 hits, A fire critical
86 – 90 Get trapped in a lift. Unable to do anything for two hours whilst you await rescue
91 – 95 Spill your coffee all over your computer causing it to break and starting a small fire -10 hits, B fire critical, any friendship you had with the IT team is now gone
96 – 99 Whilst trying to fix your own computer you accidentally electrocute yourself -20 hits and C electrical crit
100 In a hurry to find your next meeting you go into the wrong room where a voodoo cult are just discussing where they will find their next human sacrifice. Your last thought in this world is “why were they using a meeting room in this building anyway?” – Death