Random updates from Terry Amthor

Shadow World Setting for Rolemaster RPG
Which project should Terry Amthor, the creator of Shadow World, focus on next:

  • Wuliris, detailing the dark Frost Elves, more of the Umli, and ancient Taranian tech
  • Finish the Eidolon revision! I want to see the new adventures! And the timeline!
  • Finish the Emer II revision! I want to read all the new realm info (and adventures)
  • Shadowstone Novel Book 2 (including secret SW information)
  • Emer IV! (really?)
  • Something Else

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If you want to keep up-to-date with what is going on in the Shadow World and what Terry Amthor is working on (it’s a lot!) there is nowhere better that the Random updates from Terry Amthor board on our forum.
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