Quellbourne: Land of the Silver Mist now a copper pick on RPGNow

Shadow World QuellbourneWe’re VERY pleased to announce that yet another Iron Crown product has received recognition on RPGNow as a Copper pick product. This time we are celebrating Shadow World’s Quellbourne: Land of the Silver Mist.
You can pick up Quellbourne: Land of the Silver Mist as a pdf for just $5 at RPGNow.
Quellbourne: Land of the Silver Mist
Set sail for the Land of the Silver Mist, where treasure and undead alike rest uneasily in the ruins of Quellbourne’s capital city, Quellburn. Overcome by the forces of the Unlife centuries before, the rugged Mannish population of this fog-swept land struggles to survive, battling pirate bands of Ice Krals and raiding Trolls, as they mine for gold and silver. Fortune hunters will find Quellbourne bountiful, if they can avoid being sacrificed to the Spider Goddess, Hrassk. Equallt fatal are the Destroyers of Galtoth, a cult of men dedicated to destroying everything – even the island they live on!
Riches and tales too fabulous to be believed lure adventurers to Quellbourne’s battered coast. The bold may find a map leading to an “abandoned” silver mine, now home to denizens best left undisturbed. After outfitting themselves on the brawling streets of Kelfour’s Landing, fortune-seekers might prowl the ruins of Quellburn, uncovering centuries of gold and booty. Or sail to Trelkinaark to challenge the formidable and plunder-laden Krals in their homeland.
Thanks to everyone who bought this classic Shadow World module and to everyone who continues to support ICE products old and new!


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