Proclamations from the Crown (Sept 2012)

Iron Crown

Aurigas Aldebaron’s Address
Aurigas Aldebaron You may think that Iron Crown Enterprises had recently been putting all their energy into creating new products and rejuvenating the old. You are wrong. In addition to the stellar work of the designers, writers, artists, layout professionals and others involved in the production of our new product offerings, ICE has been building on the more social aspects of gaming with a view to becoming not just a purveyor of great Role Playing Games but also a network, a hub, a company of friends and associates all united by their love of gaming and their belief in ICE to provide them with everything they need to continue enjoying their gaming for years to come.

Over the past couple of months Iron Crown have set up two new social media outlets (Twitter and Google +) as well as redoubling our efforts with our Facebook pages. Our twitter page has taken off better than we could ever have imagined. Iron Crown’s blend of company news and industry updates seems to strike a chord with a number of our followers. Google + is going just as well with more and more people adding Iron Crown Enterprises to their circles and so being kept up-to-date with everything ICE related. Even our already established Facebook pages are seeing steady growth in “likes” and an increase in activity. It would be easy to sit around and pat ourselves on the back for the success of our social media output but the truth is that it has very little to do with us. The success of our social media campaigns, and indeed everything that we do is down to you folks, the fans.

So what now?

We have no intention of resting on our laurels. We have made great strides in cementing our social media presence but now we need to take the next set of leaps forward. . There is so much more that we intend to do via our new social media outlets. Without giving away too much we are looking to:

• Run more elaborate and more exciting competitions
• Create ICE events that provide unique entertainment as well as a way for fans to get to know each other
• Increase the level and the quality of our social media output
• Run gaming contests using Google + hangouts
• Create video interviews with your favourite industry professionals
• Hold Q&A sessions with ICE and GCP team members
• And much, much more…

As with everything we do, it is all down to the fans so if there is anything you would like to see ICE doing that we aren’t already, any content that you think is news worthy, any opinions that you want voiced, feel free to sign up to one of our many social media sites and get in touch. We’re here to build ICE beyond a publisher of great games and into a community of gaming adventurers!

ALSO – I am super-chuffed to be seeing the old ICE Sherlock Holmes solo adventures come out again in print on the ipad/ipod and soon on the kindle and android. Not only is it a successful example of mining old IP, but far more importantly, it links to the concept of community we want to develop. The core of what we do will be about fantasy and Sci-Fi table top RPGs but I play other games, and in other ways, and I’m into all stuff fantasy, Sci-Fi, military, history, etc and we want to expand a little what we can offer, as long as its relevant to our community and is synergistic to the core. It won’t all be games. It could be books, game apps or news and reviews. We will see.

One of the things we will soon be starting is a monthly news letter. This newsletter is designed to keep fans up-to-date on developments across all of ICE’s products. Our newsletters will bring fans closer to the action and build on the sense of community and fan participation. We understand that not everyone has time to read through everything on the forums or to check social media sites every day. The newsletter will bring everything you need to know into one place so that you never miss out on any important news. Again, we need fan feedback – what do YOU want to see in it?”

– John Seal