Out now – Molemaster for Rolemaster!

Molemaster CoverIron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of a brand new rules expansion for Rolemaster – Molemaster for Rolemaster.
Created for the new Unified Rolemaster system (yet to be released, sign up to our newsletters to be kept up-to-date on progress), Molemaster for Rolemaster introduces a brand new race and culture to the system – The molefolk!
The molefolk and molefolk culture are a brilliant addition to any game and can easily be adapted for Rolemaster Classic, Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying and High Adventure Roleplaying (HARP).
You can download your FREE copy of Molemaster for Rolemaster by clicking on THIS LINK!
Of course we wouldn’t release a rules expansion for molefolk to be used for the new Unified Rolemaster. Having said that. I have created and it is available to download for free using the link provided… Given how long it took me, perhaps this year the joke is on me…
Happy April 1st everyone!