News from Guild Companion Publications (Rolemaster Playtest)

Rolemaster Playtest
Guild Companion It is time to announce The Public Playtest for the new unified Rolemaster. Hurrah!

Reclaiming The Iron Crown
There are (at least) two ways of rebuilding a game system and its fan base. There is the steady reconstruction that gradually builds up from a small core and step-by-step brings a game back to life and success. And for many reasons, that’s the route we have been and are taking with HARP Fantasy and HARP SF, and it is already showing signs of working.

And then there’s another bolder methodology that can and perhaps must be employed when more strenuous measures are called for, such as when a version split like that existing between RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP needs to be healed. We – that’s GCP, Aurigas and our partners – have discussed and deliberated and done the hard sums.

The Rolemaster Public Playtest files will NOT be appearing on the OneBookShelf network.

The Rolemaster Public Playtest files WILL be published for you to playtest FOR FREE on the ICE website

How To Play Your Part
1. Go to the forums on the ICE website
2. Are you already a member of the ICE forums? If your answer is Yes, then go to Step 4. If your answer is No, then go to Step 3.
3. Register on the ICE forums as a new member
4. As a registered forum member, you will be able to see the Playtest Forums
5. Go to the various Playtesting Agreement and Playtest File threads, read and agree to the terms, then download the Public Playtest files

If you are a GM, tell your players that they need to get their own copies of the Playtest Files. If you are a player, tell your fellow players and your GM that they need to get their own Playtest File copies. No sharing, please. Just Steps 1 to 5 and its FREE to playtest.

Now come the fun parts. Read the Playtest files and try the new rules. Build characters and fight duels of steel and sorcery. Run the new rules in sandbox scenarios. Convert your existing game to the new Rolemaster and roll those open-ended dice.

Then post your thoughts, your comments, your opinions on what works and what does not, your solutions to any problems, and your playtest reports on the Playtest Forum.

Playtesters who make contributions will find their names in the Playtester credits in the final products.

And After The Public Playtest?
We take the final versions, edit, polish and make them beautiful, and then we release them for sale on the OneBookShelf network as pdfs and print-on-demand, and through mainstream distribution.

For those of you who wish to start saving your gaming dollars, the pdf price of the books will range from 15 USD for the smaller books (probably Arms Law, Character Law, and Treasure Law) to 20 USD for the larger books (certainly Spell Law and Creature Law). The print-on-demand price will be the pdf price plus the manufacturing cost, which varies according to format. The mainstream distribution cost depends on printing partners, on deals with printers, final page counts, and the final format that is chosen for distribution.

New Rolemaster Will Be In Colour and in Black & White
Yes, you read that correctly. The five core rulebooks will be in colour. Colour interiors throughout.

We know that the Shadow World Player Guide was an eye-opener to many fans as to what is possible for GCP/ICE products. Now it is the turn of the new Rolemaster to reach for the crown.

And for those whose budgets are more constrained, there will be black&white versions, so everyone is catered for.

So Now What?
The next scheduled Director’s Briefing will be in November but why are you still reading this? Steps 1 to 5 and Start Playtesting Now.

Best wishes,

Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd