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New release – Shoalmaster!

Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the release of the brand new tabletop roleplaying game system SHOALMASTER!

Set underwater, this brand new game brings you everything you loved about Rolemaster and High Adventure Roleplaying (HARP) but with more fish… Loads more fish!

Play as anything from an apex predator searching their habitat for the next big kill or a bottom feeder simply trying to avoid being eaten, attacked or stepped on to an evil Sea Witch trying to take over the world or a mysterious Sea Monster. With Iron Crown’s exciting critical tables and open ended rolls, this game really will make you want to be ‘part of that world’.

Can’t wait for the release? Click on the image below for a taste of what Shoalmaster has to offer including races, professions and cultures.

Praise for Shoalmaster

“This really does have a lot of fish in it” – Fish conservation UK

“What on earth is this?!” – Captain Birdsface

“The pictures are pretty” – Suzanne (aged 8)

“It’s definitely not like anything I have ever seen before” – The UK’s top TTRPG mazagine

“Did you want chips (fries) with that?” – Local fish and chip shop manager

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