Iron Crown Enterprises’ Newsletter – September 2013

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I’m afraid this month’s newsletter is going to be a bit shorter than usual. Not because there is nothing going on, but because there is simply too much going on. The team is busy beavering away at a number of different products all of which demand a great deal of attention. With that in mind, rather than give you the same updates as I’ve given before, I thought I’d give you a little more information about what we have in the pipeline.
So A quick thanks to the team at ICE for putting up with me and an even bigger thanks to all the fans who put up with us. ICE would literally be nothing without you and we’ll never forget it.
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.
We currently have Character Law, Spell Law and Arms Law available for FREE DOWNLOAD and beta testing. For more information on how to take part Click Here.
The team is still working on Creature Law and Treasure Law which will also be made available for FREE DOWNLOAD in the future. However, in the words of our director “Lots of work still to be done on both projects”.
We’re also busy working on a couple of other projects including an adventure module and some e-support products.
In Shadow World Terry K. Amthor continues his brilliant work on Emer III. You can keep up-to-date on Terry’s projects and progress on our forum.
The first creatures for the HARP Bestiary are now emerging from the creation process and work continues on this integral product in the HARP line.
We are waiting on second round proof copies for the print-on-demand version of HARP College of Magics. Once this is done you will be able to buy it from RPGNow in hardcover and softcover formats.
Last but not least David Klecker is working on the UNIX version of the brilliant AutoHARP software.
For Cyradon, a new adventure module has now been officially contracted.