Iron Crown Enterprises’ Newsletter – October 2013

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I don’t want to jinx it (given the month hasn’t actually finished yet) but October has been a brilliant month! We may not have made any earth shattering announcements this month, but what we have done is work on/start/complete a whole bunch of smaller projects which have got me really excited. Read on to find out more…
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.

This month we made an announcement that, in conjunction with one of our fans, we were working on an new e-support product known as the Rolemaster Combat Minion.
The software is still undergoing some minor tweaks before being released, but the plan is to release the software itself for free with the ability to buy data files to populate it. These data files will contain weapons and critical tables so that you can manage the combat in your games quickly and easily.
We will release further information as we get it and will make an announcement the second the software is completed. In the time being you can read more information and take a look at a few previews of the software on the dedicated Rolemaster Combat Minion thread on our forum.

This month has saw the release of HARP College of Magics in softcover and hardcover format. College of Magics expands the depth and breadth of HARP magic and covers:

  • What is magic and how does it work
  • New types of magic, including natural magic, alchemy, and enchantment
  • Rules for creating and designing new spells
  • New HARP spells
  • A primer on temporary and permanent magic item design
  • New professions including the Elementalist, the Vivamancer, the Thaumaturge and the Necromancer

In addition to all this, a quartet of artists have provided a wonderful collection of new, inspiring and relevant illustrations which can now be enjoyed in the splendor of high quality printed hardcover and softcover books. Buy it now.
This month’s director’s briefing saw an open call for Shadow World adventures. By this point the call has spread far and wide. If you’ve missed it however, here is what we’re looking for:
1) Adventures suitable for low level (to 5th), medium (6th to 10th), high (11th to 20th) adventuring parties.
2) Adventure locations, e.g. sites of interest to adventurers like outposts, fortresses, manses, cavern complexes, Coral Road entrances, etc.
3) Adventures and adventure locations for this round should be set in NW or NE Emer, or in Jaiman (with Xa-ar and Saralis of special interest).
4) Adventures and adventure locations must be consistent with canonical material and must not “break” Shadow World – no blowing up cities, killing off canonical NPCs, or derailing existing plotlines.
For more information and instructions on how to submit your adventures, visit our website.

Battlefield Bangkok
ICE products are now available in Thailand thanks to our new partner Battlefield Bangkok. Battlefield Bangkok is a games store run by gamers for gamers, and is by far the leader and visionary for promoting table top gaming in Thailand. This unique agreement sees ICE allowing Battlefield Bangkok to print physical copies of English language product to be sold in Thailand.
ICE is hopeful that this relationship could serve as a model for other countries, as well as helping us generate ideas of how we can work with US and UK retailers to provide them with the ability to have physical copy in-store.
Echoes of Heaven
Our friends over at Final Redoubt press have released a brilliant adventure seed which can be used with Rolemaster and HARP. The best bit? It is absolutely FREE! All you need are this Adventure Seed, your game’s rulebooks, and whatever monster and NPC stats your game provides.
Download your copy from RPGNow for FREE

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