Iron Crown Enterprises Newsletter – November 2014

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It has been another busy month this month. We currently have a number of big projects on the go and everyone has been knuckling down and working hard to get things finished. While there’s no huge announcements yet, we’re edging ever closer to our next release..
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.

Unified Rolemaster continues to edge towards handover into rapid layout and second beta release.
Everyone is itching to get at the next phase; no one wants to awaken the dread curse of Murphy. We will let you know the second it has been added to the forum for download.

We are now a matter of weeks away from attending Dragonmeet and I for one could not be more excited.
We have all sorts of goodies to take with us including products and merchandise to sell and to offer as prizes for a number of brilliant competitions.
If you’re in the UK and fancy popping in to say hello, Dragonmeet will be at the Ibis hotel Earths Court and ILEC Convention Centre on Saturday 6th December from 10am – Midnight.

The brand new adventure module ‘Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn’ is still awaiting a few final pieces of artwork before being sent to RPGNow ready for sale.
We fully expect to make the pdf available in the not too distant future with hardcover and softcover formats following soon after.
Terry continues his work on Eidolon and Emer II revisions as well as editing a Lethys city module.

We now have a complete draft of HARP Folkways and Nicholas is looking forward to a very enjoyable read and editing pass.
Work on the bestiary continues with John Duffield making Dragons anew for HARP and Nicholas working on power levels for classic Undead and how many variant power levels will be presented for Wraiths and Wights, etc.

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