Iron Crown Enterprises Newsletter – June 2014

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It has been a crazy month at ICE headquarters. Everyone on the team has been working hard to get products through the pipeline and real life (as it always does) has not made it easy for us. Luckily we have managed to make some great progress on a number of different products and I for one am genuinely excited about what the coming months will bring.
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.

As it has been some time since we gave an in depth outline of where we are with the new Unified Rolemaster system, I have got in touch with the team working on it and have been given the following report:
“The Core rules (Character Law and Arms Law) have been combined into a single text and have gone through a lot of changes based on the feedback from the beta.
Due to the complexity of the interlocking rule sub systems, simple corrections to one area need to be mapped out over every other rule they touch to check they don’t cause a break elsewhere. A positive sign here is that the majority of the issues still being worked on are now style and flow of the content and explanations rather than rule issues, indicating we’re approaching the end point of this process.
The latter two books (creatures and treasures) are essentially assembled structures of the pieces defined by the first two, so while they are in a less finished state, their derivative nature means they should wrap up faster. I thank you for patience, and look forward to feedback as we get these off our screens and into your hands.”

While I can’t speak for the other contributors, I for one have made great progress with my part of the HARP Bestiary. I plan to have it all submitted to Nicholas within the next week and although I expect there will be numerous amends and changes, it will feel good to have completed such a large project (or at least what I consider to have been a large project).
Keep watching this space for further updates.

The new Shadow World adventure “Tales of the Green Gryphon Inn” by Terry Amthor is moving quickly through the production process and Terry has offered the following outline of his current projects and where he is with them:
“Tales of the Green Gryphon Inn is creeping so much closer to completion; it is topping off at over 74 pages now, and frankly looking more like a ‘campaign’ module. Maybe I have been rewatching too much X-Files, but the adventures do break down into ‘monster of the week’ and ‘mythology’ with intertwining storylines (but no little green men, I promise, at least in this module). In between, I am bouncing back to Emer II and the Wuliris/Jaiman NE modules, and even outlining Artifacts & Lost Tech, so keeping busy in general.”
In addition to this Terry has checked the softcover and hardcover proof of Emer 3 and we are pleased to announce that the map issue has been resolved and you can now once again buy Emer 3 in print. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.

Our friends over at AppEndix (creators of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes: Murder at the Diogenes club and Sherlock Holmes: The black river emerald adventure book apps) have created yet another great app: Proteus – The tower of terror.
Proteus pits you as a student at the Academy of the Grand Wizard Eleutheria against an evil Wizard called Belenghast. Armed with your own Dexterity, Strength, and Courage, a sword and torch, and a number of magical potions, you will ascend the Tower of Terror until you arrive face to face with the evil shape-shifting Wizard.

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