Iron Crown Enterprises’ Newsletter – July 2013

Following last month’s release of HARP Martial Law and AutoHARP Fantasy and AutoHARP-SF, This month we have released the eagerly anticipated HARP College of Magics which is available now for only $4.99 for a limited time only.
**BREAKING NEWS** Guild Companion Publications has been nominated for an ENnie!
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing and the HARP College of Magics briefing.
As I’m sure you’re all aware (if not, read more HERE), the Beta test of the new Rolemaster system is now in full swing. So far we’ve had some really great feedback.
You may have noticed that the playtest discussions have been put on hold on the forum. This is because we’re currently working on putting together the next version of the Beta test, taking into account all the feedback we’ve had so far. If you’re already in the middle of a game or if you have any feedback, please feel free to still post on the forum, we just wanted people to be aware that the new versions will be coming soon.
So where are the new versions?
Editorial comments on Arms Law have been returned to the writers for incorporation into their next draft, and a set of comments on Character Law will be released to the team shortly. The next in line for editorial review is Spell Law. The updated versions will receive a minimal format before we release them to get your thoughts.
Wow! What a flurry of activity HARP has seen in the past few months!
This month we released HARP College of Magics which is available now for only $4.99 for a limited time only.
College of Magics expands the depth and breadth of HARP magic. Among the topics that the book covers are:
What is magic and how does it work
New types of magic
Rules for creating and designing new spells
New HARP spells
New professions
In addition to all this, a quartet of artists have provided a wonderful collection of new, inspiring and relevant illustrations which we’re sure you will enjoy.
You can buy the College of Magics pdf at $4.99 by following THIS LINK
We have just had word that Terry K. Amthor’s Shadow World novel Loremaster Legacy should be released by the end of the month through DriveThru fiction and Amazon. Obviously we’ll let you know the second it is released so that you can go out and get your copy.
Not content with working on just one huge project, Terry has a whole host of other things on the way. The new Emer III is currently in editing, and though there isn’t a timeline in place for its launch yet, it will be the next wholly new Shadow World release. Meanwhile Terry is planning revisions on Jaiman and Eidolon. We’ll bring you more news as we get it.
After the success of their recently released Sherlock Holmes 2 – The Black River Emerald “gamebook” app, our friends over at Appendix are carrying on their good work.
They’re currently working on Sherlock Holmes 3 – Death at Appledore Towers which promises to be just as good as their previous Sherlock Holmes gamebook apps which, this month alone have received the following accolades:
Sherlock Holmes 1 – #1 Dice Game – Brazil
Sherlock Holmes 2 – #1 Dice Game – Italy
Sherlock Holmes 2 – #1 Dice Game – France
If you haven’t bought it yet we highly recommend you take a look at Sherlock Holmes 2 – The Black River Emerald “gamebook” app.
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