Iron Crown Enterprises’ Newsletter – January 2014

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2014 has got off to a brilliant start. We’ve already released one new product (see below for details) and we’ve got a whole load of other stuff in the pipeline which is going to make 2014 a year to remember.
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.

We are now moving very close to the release of the brand new e-support package the Rolemaster Combat Minion.
Rolemaster Combat Minion is a web application used by the GM to help track combat encounters. It speeds game-play considerably by performing all necessary dice rolls and table look-ups. It also handles all end-of-round upkeep, keeps track of all PC and NPC/creature wounds, and performs perception, move & maneuver and attunement rolls.
While the software itself is available for free, the data tables will be made available through the OneBookShelf Network in the not too distant future. In the time being you can read more information and take a look at a few previews of the software on the dedicated Rolemaster Combat Minion thread on our forum.

Following the release of HARP College of Magics and HARP Martial Law at the tail end of last year, we’re now working on a number of other HARP products which we hope to see released this year.
It is hard to say precisely when the upcoming products will be released but we expect one of the first releases to be The Guild Adventurer #4 which will contain a lot of HARP material.
In addition to this, in the not too distant future we are expecting to make an open call for HARP SF content. Once we have put together an outline for the call it will be announced on OUR FORUM and in the Director’s Briefing and Newsletter.

This month has seen the release of the brand new Emer III setting material for Shadow World which for a limited time only is available for just $16 from RPGNow (offer ends 2/22/14, normal price $18).
Emer III Contains:

  • Two Jerak Ahrenreth Citadels: the Tower of Vour and the Ahrenæk, home of the Artificer A’kesh.
  • The Lost City of Zæn, including ancient Jinteni magic/technology: weapons, portals and more.
  • Maps and descriptions of the two ‘Isles of Glass,’ homes to the Green Dragon and the Seer.
  • The secret hives of the Krylites.
  • New maps of the region with dozens of new locations and cultures. New details on the Isle of Jade.
  • The timeline, updated and advanced several years with new intrigues and wars.
  • 25 pages of adventures and adventure ideas.
  • Encounter charts for hostile rainforest creatures—and plants! New herbs and creatures.
  • Stats for both Rolemaster Classic/RM2 and RMSS/RMFRP systems.

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Genghis Con XXXV
Our friends over at Cloven Fruit Games are heading to Genghis Con XXXV in Aurora, CO on the 16th February to run a game. If you are in the area and fancy popping along you can join them for a game. There will even be prizes including some HARP SF products and an exclusive print version of AfterWorlds (which isn’t even available to buy yet).
The convention runs from the 13th February to the 16th and hosts a whole range of great games.
Convention Support
If you’re heading to a convention and want to run a game, get in touch. We’ll do our best to give you all the support you need to run a great game.
If you’re involved in running a con we’d like to hear from you too. We can’t support every convention out there but we’re always glad to hear about what is going on and to spread the word on our social media sites.

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