Iron Crown Enterprises’ Newsletter – February 2014

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I must admit that ordinarily February isn’t my favourite month. It is the Monday of the months. The memory of Christmas and New Year has faded, the hope and promise of a new year have dwindled to be replaced by the creeping sensation that it is in fact exactly the same as the new year and the summer is still a long way off. However, this year has been different…
February has seen new releases, information about upcoming releases, exciting news and updates and I for one am unreasonably excited about the coming months and what they will bring…
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.

This month saw the release of the long awaited Rolemaster Combat Minion.
Rolemaster Combat Minion is a web application used by the GM to help track combat encounters. It speeds game-play considerably by performing all necessary dice rolls and table look-ups. It also handles all end-of-round upkeep, keeps track of all PC and NPC/creature wounds, and performs perception, move & maneuver and attunement rolls.
While the software itself is available for free, the data tables for Rolemaster Classic is now available through the OneBookShelf Network.

In this month’s Director’s Briefing Guild Companion Publications’ Director, Nicholas Caldwell posed the following questions which we would like your opinion on:
1) would you be interested in a HARP SF Imperium setting sourcebook and possible followups?
2) irrespective of the answer, do we have any fans with time and software on their hands to do the OCR / text extraction over the next few months so that we can more easily restore the Imperium (as a HARP SF setting perhaps and a definite future unified Spacemaster setting)?
3) Would you be interested in “thematic” sourcebooks for HARP SF and the Tintamar universe that focus on a style of play such as military, exploration, trader, covert ops, etc.
Visit OUR FORUM and have your say.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you can’t have missed the release of the brand new Emer III setting material for Shadow World. A huge thanks to everyone who has bought and reviewed it and played a part in helping it attain ‘Silver Pick’ status and keeping it in the RPGNow top 10 for over a month.
If you haven’t yet got your copy you can buy it now from RPGNow for just $18.
In addition, I am pleased to announce that the master files for Emer III have been accepted by OneBookShelf/Lightning Source and we are expecting the proofs to be delivered in the very near future. Barring any problems with the proofs, we are hoping to have the hardcover and softcover copies of Emer III available VERY soon.

Here at Iron Crown Enterprises, we want to provide all our fans with everything they need to get the most out of their gaming. That is why we support a suite of e-support packages. You can read all about them on our brand new e-support page on our website.
One great piece of news which we received this month was that the brilliant XP Tracker for Rolemaster will soon be updated to work with iOS7.
XP Tracker is an easy to use app that removes the need for scratch paper in gaming. Normally you have your Character sheet, core books and tons of scratch paper that you use for notes and calculations. XPT was created to help speed up gaming while allowing you to track everything on the fly.

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