Iron Crown Enterprises Newsletter – August 2014

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It has been another big month here at ICE HQ packed full of yet more great news and announcements. Before we get into that however I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that continues to support ICE whether that is by buying products, contributing to our forum or simply reading our monthly newsletters. Now on with the news…
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.

This month saw the Rolemaster Facebook group reach 1,000 follows! To celebrate we gave fans and followers the opportunity to buying hardcover versions of HARP SF, HARP SF Xtreme, Shadow World Cloudlords of Tanara and Shadow World Emer III with a $5 discount.
In the world of the new Rolemaster which is currently being playtested – Terry Amthor is primed and ready to start a rapid layout of the new Core Rules while the tables and texts are getting their final signoff from the team.

Last month’s Christmas in July sale was a great success. A huge thanks to everybody who took the opportunity to buy HARP products for 25% off, please don’t forget to review your purchases on RPGNow.
You will be pleased to hear that real progress is being made on the HARP Bestiary and I received my first ‘editorial nag’ to encourage me to work a little faster on it. Luckily I have earmarked a lot of time over the coming week to finish my sections and consider the opportunity to take on some other sections.

The upcoming Shadow World adventure “Tales from Green Gryphon Inn” is nearing completion and just waiting on graphics. Once these are in palce it will be ready to go for final approval.
Meanwhile, Terry is working hard on Eidolon before moving on to Emer II. According to Terry himself “Emer I is going to require some major map work (those old maps from the first edition are not acceptible). I am also writing/editing on both the NE Jaiman and Artifacts/Lost Tech books” so lots to come for Shadow World.

As I’m sure you are all aware, GenCon was last week and this year we had a number of members of the Order of the Iron Crown attend and run ICE games. By all accounts the convention was a complete success with a number of them managing to meet up on the final day.
I already have a GenCon round up form one of the attendees which will be up on the Iron Crown blog in the coming days and (hopefully) there will be more to come.
If you’re interested in joining the Order of the Iron Crown and running games at conventions, Get in touch.

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