Iron Crown Enterprises’ Newsletter – August 2013

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August is a special time of year for me as it marks the anniversary of my (Colin the marketing guy) joining ICE. As such I’ve spent some time looking back over what I/we have achieved this year and what I/we want to achieve next year. I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the next 12 months. We’ve got a lot of really cool stuff happening and although August has been quite a quiet month (thanks to holidays etc) we’ve got a lot planned for the future.
So A quick thanks to the team at ICE for putting up with me and an even bigger thanks to all the fans who put up with us. ICE would literally be nothing without you and we’ll never forget it.
Catch up on what you’ve missed with this month’s Director’s Briefing.
As I’m sure you’re all aware this month was GenCon and though ICE were unable to make it, we were represented by one of our fans Mr Aaron Smalley who ran six infiltration type games where points were awarded for successful completion of the objectives and how quickly they were completed. All players received vouchers for ICE products with the winning team receiving $15.00 off any ICE product.
A full report of the game written by Aaron himself is available here.
If you’re going to a convention and would like to find out how ICE can support you in running a game, get in touch.
Following the recent release of HARP College of Magics and HARP Martial Law, we are happy to announce that hardcopy versions will soon be available through the OneBookShelf network.
HARP Martial Law is first in line and should become available in the very near future with HARP College of Magics available not long after that. Keep an eye on the website, forum and social media sites and we’ll let you know the second they become available.
In addition to this we are still working on some more products in the HARP line. They’re still quite a way off but they are coming and we’ll let you know more nearer the time.
The team are currently working on some Cyradon adventure modules. They are still a way off completion (a couple of them are only outlines) but they are on our radar and we’ll bring you more information as we know it.
In addition, Terry K. Amthor’s recently released ‘Loremaster Legacy’ novel is now available for a (VERY) limited time only as part of a brilliant bundle of fiction and non-fiction. The Bundle of Holding +5, brings you 6 novels as DRM-free ebooks in all major formats — for a price you set yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to send part of your payment to worthwhile charities.
If you haven’t tried it already, I can’t recommend the AutoHARP software enough. Currently available is AutoHARP Fantasy, AutoHARP-SF and AutoHARP Martial Law and the genius behind these releases is working on more.
Once you’ve given them a try, there is a board on our forum where you can chat to other users, highlight bugs and offer your oppions on what additional material you would like to see. Join the discussion here.