ICE in Battlefield Bangkok

Iron Crown LogoIron Crown Enterprises have signed an agreement with Battlefield Bangkok to reprint hardcopies of ICE products for sale in Thailand. This agreement is ONLY for the sale of hardcopy products.
Battlefield Bangkok is a games store run by gamers for gamers since May 2009, and by far the leader and visionary for pushing table top gaming in Thailand. This unique agreement sees ICE allowing Battlefield Bangkok to print physical copies of English language product to be sold in Thailand and helps to thwart the rampant problem of PDF plagiarism found generally in south east Asia.
ICE is hopeful that this relationship could serve as a role model for other countries, as well as helping us generate ideas of how we can work with US and UK retailers to provide them with the ability to have physical copy in-store to sell while limiting the risk. We wish Battlefield Bangkok the best of success not only with ICE products, but with their endeavours to grow table top gaming in general.
If you’re in Bangkok why not pop in, say hello and see what is on offer.