HARP-SF playable race – Mice

Happy Towel Day everyone! To celebrate all things Douglas Adams, I have created a brand new playable race for HARP-SF – Mice. Enjoy!

Appearance: The Mice appear as mice. Well… They are mice. But Mice are not what we think mice are. Mice are actually hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional creatures. Their small twitchy noses, black eyes and long tails are merely a three-dimensional projection of their actual form. However, as their actual form cannot penetrate beyond their own dimension, it is probably best to think of Mice as just being mice and forget that we ever mentioned that they are actually something completely different.

Biology: In our dimension the Mice’s biology is exactly the same as that of the mice you might find in a science lab or pet shop. This is mostly because all the mice you find in science labs or pet shops are, in fact, the hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional creatures that we on Earth know as Mice. Within their own dimension, these creatures are not too dissimilar to humans in their appearance and various bodily functions. However, as we will never venture into their dimension, this is a useless piece of information that I include here only in the interest of padding the word count.

Demeanor: The demeanor of Mice varies quite wildly from being perfectly happy to scurry around mazes and eat little bits of cheese to wanting to scoop out a living creature’s brain to take a look at what lies within.

Technology: Mice, and by that we mean the hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional creatures that masquerade as mice on Earth, are some of the most technologically advanced creatures in the Universe. They were responsible for the building of the Universe’s most advanced supercomputer (whose name currently eludes me for copyright reasons) which was responsible for calculating the meaning of life, the Universe and everything.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of the creatures behind Mice is around 45,000 earth years. Mice however live much shorter, less impressive lives.

Culture: Mice are a philosophical lot. They are so advanced that the only question that is left unknown to them is “what was the point of all that advancement”. Long hours are spent bickering amongst themselves as to what reason there might be behind their very existence with no one really believing any of the suggestions that they put forth.

Special Abilities:

Computer wizard, Knowledgeable authority (Xenology), Logical mind

Species Limitations: None

DP Cost: None

1 thought on “HARP-SF playable race – Mice

  1. Joel Lovell

    A week or so ago I had posted a picture of a mouse in armor…on the Traveller FB group, because one of the events in my characters past was “You inadvertently cause a conflict between the Imperium and a minor world or race. Gain a Rival and Diplomat 1.” It seems that Holt felt bad about a diminutive race that was not technologically as advanced as the other intelligent race that ate them in spite of knowing they were sapient beings, so he gave them some tech to even the odds. The Aslan-like race were outraged of course and a diplo-‘rat’ic incident resulted…


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