HARP College of Magics and Martial Law go electrum!

HARP RPG College of MagicsIron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce that the College of Magics and Martial Law rules expansions for High Adventure Role Playing (HARP) Fantasy are now both electrum pick products on RPGNow.
Less than two years since their re-release, these products have quickly risen through the ranks and become two of our most popular products. A huge thanks to everyone who has purchased them and to everyone who helped create both the original and the re-released versions.
If you haven’t yet had a chance to get your copy of HARP College of Magics or Martial Law, you can pick them up (along with the HARP Fantasy core rule book) in pdf, softcover or hardcover formats from RPGNow.
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HARP Martial LawHARP College of Magics
College of Magics expands the depth and breadth of HARP magic. Among the topics that the book covers are: What is magic and how does it work? This product introduces new types of magic, including natural magic, alchemy, and enchantment.
College of Magics also includes rules for creating and designing new spells; new HARP spells, and a primer on temporary and permanent magic item design. And of course new professions: The Elementalist, the Vivamancer, the Thaumaturge, and the Necromancer.
HARP Martial Law
Martial Law breaks new ground in the field of fantasy role playing combat rules. Martial Law expands the fast, dramatic combat of HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) Fantasy to include detailed hit location criticals.
Martial Law also includes a section on creating and playing warriors in fantasy settings and cool new moves and equipment for fighters.
Drawing upon years of actual play from the fan base, HARP College of Magics and HARP Martial Law are enhanced versions of the original HARP supplements published in 2004.

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