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HARP Beyond the Veil – Out Now!

Iron Crown Enterprises are pleased to announce the release of HARP Beyond the Veil!

Behold! It is the chosen time for all Clerics to step forth on behalf of their Gods and lead the faithful to their ultimate destinies. HARP Beyond the Veil breathes new life into the Cleric and Paladin professions, expanding the range of possibilities for GMs and players alike. GMs will be able to create believable religions for their worlds, shaping them across ten characteristics and drawing upon real-world examples. Players will benefit from more tailored characters, matching religious mode and deity domain to create well defined, three dimensional Clerics and Paladins.

HARP Beyond the Veil is a rules expansion for High Adventure Roleplyaing (HARP) Fantasy.

You can get your copy for just $15 dollars exclusively from DrivethruRPG.

Found within:

  • An analysis of religions in classics of fantasy literature
  • Exploration of religions in the real world
  • Guidance on creating and customising religions for your setting
  • More than 40 domains of powers for Gods and their Clerics
  • Twelve new variant Clerics professions (including the Animist, the Cardinal, the Extirpationist, the Liturgist, the Missionary, and the Oracle)
  • The Paladin (Holy Warrior) profession and its own Spell Sphere
  • Ten new training packages (including the Abbot, Guru, Sacrificer and Sellsword)

Buy your copy exclusively from DrivethruRPG

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