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HARP Bestiary miniatures – Land Monsters

My name is Colin and I’m addicted to minis. I love minis. Any game with minis and I want to own it or at least play it. I love using minis with tabletop roleplaying games and recently lost a couple of hours of my life just browsing custom minis on Etsy. To make sure that time wasn’t completely wasted (and to further sate my mini addiction), I figured I would put together this post.

With the recent release of HARP Bestiary in print, I thought I would put together a selection of minis that I have found on Etsy which could be used to represent some of the monsters in the book. Unfortunately there were so many awesome minis that I was only able to do the land monsters chapter. I hope to do the other chapters in the coming weeks.

Caustic Slime pg 117

Cerberus pg 119

Chimera pg 123

Dire Bear pg 125

Dire Boar pg 126

Fungus Men pg 129

Magmamen pg 137

Manticore pg 138

Rock Worm pg 143

Sphinx pg 146

HARP Bestiary is available now from DrivethruRPG in PDF and in softcover or hardcover formats. Get your copy now.

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