Happy tabletop day from Iron Crown Enterprises

Happy Tabletop day everyone – May the critical rolls be ever in your favor!
As it is tabletop day I thought I would create a blog post outlining each of our four core games, what makes them different and what makes them great. If you played some of our games in the past, what better time to try one of the others than tabletop day. If you haven’t tried any of our games before, why not have a look and see which takes your fancy. You won’t regret it.


Rolemaster Rolemaster: A game where mighty warriors, dedicated clerics, infamous thieves and potent wizards are challenged to the limit by the deadliest enemies a Game Master can wield.
Rolemaster provides advanced role players with martial and sorcerous combat, invigorated with gritty realism and the great risks and rewards that such players demand! Combat is deadly due to Iron Crown’s open-ended dice rolls which result in extraordinary triumphs and failures.
Rolemaster is a role playing game of modular rules where GMs and players can create their version of the rules designed to fit their style of gaming and their fantasy world.
HARP High Adventure Role Playing (HARP): Are your fantasy role-playing games epic in scope? Is gritty realism too mundane for your gaming? Are lots of subtle details an unneeded complexity in your games? If you answer “Yes” to any of these, then HARP fantasy is for you.
HARP provides a complete set of core rules in a single book, with comprehensive yet swift, “high adventure” play, supported by mechanics such as fate points, a scalable spell system and story-driven character advancement.
HARP includes the excitement of critical hits, the extraordinary results of open-ended dice rolls and the full flexibility of a skills-based system.
HARP-SF High Adventure Role Playing – Science Fiction (HARP-SF): HARP-SF is focused on swift gaming and clear core rules that don’t require the GM to construct a rule base – it’s ready to play now! Whether your game focuses on events on a single inhabited world in the near future or is a galaxy-spanning epic set millennia hence in the far future, HARP-SF has everything you need.
HARP-SF retains all the simplicity and flexibility of the original HARP fantasy game while expanding its reach to a whole new universe of infinite possibilities that is particularly suited for grand settings, characters, battles, powers, and themes of the “space opera” genre of science fiction.
Spacemaster Spacemaster: Laser cannons, blasters, alien races, and interstellar war are the game fare of Spacemaster, which is fully compatible with the core rule concepts of Rolemaster.
Spacemaster provides the science fiction role player with a realistic and technically detailed skills-based system and a plethora of character choices in terms of professions, species, talents and skills, making it extremely versatile and able to support any futuristic setting an expert Game Master can create.

In summary, if you want a core set of rules that covers all the bases in a single book, and provides comprehensive but swifter, “high adventure” play, HARP and HARP SF are for you. If, however, you like detail, gritty realism and multiple rule options to craft your own flavour of play, Rolemaster or Spacemaster are the games for you.