Haalkitaine & The Court of Rhakhaan OUT NOW!

Haalkitaine for Shadow World cover
Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the release of the long awaited second edition of Haalkitaine & the Court of Rhakhaan!
The Imperial city of Rhakhaan is teeming with intrigue and adventure, from scandals in the nobility, to criminals roaming the dark alleys, to terrors in the sewers… and most terrifying: a dark conspiracy of evil!
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Haalkitaine second edition includes:

  • New: Sewer and Catacombs maps, with detailed descriptions and encounter charts.
  • More than a dozen all-new adventures, including palace intrigues, a few mysteries, and a growing threat from the Iron Wind.
  • Extensive price and commerce charts.
  • Overview of the city government, and dozens of profiles of members of the Rhakhaan nobility.
  • Updated history/timeline.
  • Many new NPCs that the players are likely to meet.
  • Many new organizations, including religions, cartels, and gangs.
  • A complete map of the city (including a full-size PDF for printing), with a text key to dozens of shops and other locations.
  • Updated index.
  • All the Rolemaster Classic/RM2 and RMSS/FRP stats.

Haalkitaine will be available in softcover and hardcover print on demand through DrivethruRPG in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our emails (don’t forget to add us to your safe senders list) or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or DrivethruRPG to hear when the print versions are available.