Guild Companion Publications Ltd and Aurigas Alderbaron LLC merger

Guild Companion Publications logoAurigas Alderbaron LLC, the holder of the Intellectual Property of Iron Crown Enterprises and its games and products has now completed its merger with Guild Companion Publications Ltd, the publisher of Iron Crown Enterprises’ most recent products.
Ladies and Gentlemen I present you Guild Companion Publications Ltd! The single company that will be working tirelessly to continue to grow Iron Crown Enterprises by releasing new products, relaunching old products and reaching out to new fans and followers across the globe.
Our story starts in 2009 when Aurigas Alderbaron began licencing the use of portions of the Iron Crown Enterprises intellectual property to Guild Companion Publications Ltd (GCP). Since then, led by Company Director Nicholas Caldwell, GCP Ltd has been very successful in releasing a number of new products, restoring previously unavailable products and building the Iron Crown Enterprises fan base.
After six years of steady growth, the decision was made late last year to merge Aurigas Alderbaron LLC and Guild Companion Publications Ltd. We can now announce that all the I’s have been dotted, all the T’s crossed and all the hands shook. The merger is complete and we are now one single, glorious company named Guild Companion Publications Ltd.
Why merge?
The merger comes with a number of immediate benefits. It literally halves the cost of company administration allowing for more money to be pumped back into creating new products. It simplifies contracts between the company and freelancers. It also saves time and allows the company directors to spend less time on legalities and administration and more time on working to grow Iron Crown Enterprises even further.
What next?
The company will continue to create great products as it always has and will continue with its current work schedule. We will be able to publish products more efficiently than we have in the past.
Guild Companion Publications Ltd is now the holder of all the ICE IP, rather than a licensee. That includes the very name Iron Crown Enterprises. At a future point when further legalities are complete, GCP Ltd will transition into trading as Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd and the name ICE will return to the gaming industry.
With that said, we would like to welcome you to the new incarnation of Iron Crown Enterprises and thank you for your continued support.
Long live the Iron Crown!


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