Gift guide 2020

More so than normal I think everyone could do with a bit of a treat this festive season. That’s why we’ve put together this list of potential gifts for your friends and family. Whether they’re ICE fans, Tabletop Roleplaying gamers or just people that you want to buy something for to say ‘thank you’, this list will have something for them (and you. Go on, treat yourself). This year I feel like I’ve included a lot more stuff from Etsy. Part of it is wanting to support small business but most of it is that I’ve just discovered the wide range of awesome stuff people are selling on there.
Something from the ICE store on DrivethruRPG
All ICE products can be bought exclusively through DrivethruRPG. If you’re buying for someone who has never played an ICE game, why not get them The Shadow World Player Guide ($7) or buy them an entire game in a single book with HARP or HARP-SF (both $20). If you’re buying for an avid ICE fan, why not check out our selection of e-support products including the Electronic Roleplaying Assistant for Rolemaster and AutoHARP ($10).
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Tabletop simulator
Personally, tabletop simulator has been a godsend through lockdown. This online ‘tabletop’ allows you to play all manner of games with your friends virtually. You can even play with strangers. It can easily be used for Tabletop Roleplaying games with many different location maps and minis available for download but can also be used for non-roleplaying games. It’s a great way to stay in touch with people and keep playing games at a time where you can’t necessarily get around a physical table anymore.
Tabletop simulator on steam >>
Dungeons and diversity figures
I think these are absolutely amazing. My only complaint is that there aren’t more. These are miniatures representing the various common professions (as we call them) in tabletop roleplaying games but in wheelchairs. A great way to add some diversity to your game.
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Shadow World: Aalk Vaalg
The perfect gift for a friend or acquaintance that you want to show your appreciation for without breaking the bank. Aalk Vaalg is a mini-adventure set in Shadow World with stats for both RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP. It can be picked up for just $2 from DrivethruRPG.
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Wizards dice tower
A great gift for anyone who enjoys any games that require the rolling of dice. This Etsy shop sells a load of really cool things including minis and gelatinous dice jails. Well worth a look if you have friends or family that like to roll dice.
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Gelatinous cube dice bag
Where better to store all your favourite dice than safe and sound inside a gelatinous cube? The description is quick to point out that it could also be used to hold other items, not just dice. Yes. That’s how bags work. This one is particularly pretty though.
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ICE Merchandise
What do you buy for the ICE fan who has it all? Why not check out our selection of ICE merchandise which is available through our CafePress store. You can pick up hats, shirts, mugs and more emblazoned with your favourite ICE artwork and logos.
Visit the ICE merchandise store >>
PDF pattern for a leather facehugger mask
I’m not a leatherworker, I don’t have lots of spare leather lying around. Despite that I’m seriously considering buying this pdf to take it up because this mask looks SUPER cool. If you have to wear a mask, what not make it a facehugger and if it has to be a facehugger why not make it leather (because it would be really hot and uncomfortable but still… It looks super cool).
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Barrell dice shakers
I love a good dice shaker. I don’t know why. I just do. And these look like particularly nice ones. They’d make a great gift for anyone who rolls but would be particularly good for your friends or family who love tabletop RPGs.
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Hilarious badge
(Aside from the use of DM instead of GM) this badge is the perfect gift for Rolemaster players who have sadly lost their PCs to critical hits, critical fumbles, or just plain poor decision making.
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Lord of the rings travel posters
I love the design of these posters and the fact that they illustrate different places in Middle Earth make them all the more exciting. The perfect present for fans of Tolkien and the game that can’t be named.
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Thank you for reading through our gift guide this year. It is worth pointing out that we have not been paid by anyone for this and that we have not received anything for recommending these products (except those that we made ourselves). We just think all this stuff is really cool. Happy holidays everyone!