Gamemaster Law now a copper pick at RPGNow!

Rolemaster Gamemaster LawGamemaster Law for Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing (RMFRP) is now a ‘copper pick’ on RPGNow!
A huge thanks to everyone who has purchased Gamemaster Law, Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing and all other ICE products old and new.
For those of you that haven’t purchased or read it, you can pick it up in pdf format for $18 from RPGNow.
Gamemaster Law for RMFRP is the essential tome for GMs!
It answers questions such as: How many players should I try to handle at one time? Will my game be more successful if I focus on political intrigue or on simple adventuring? How can I pull the characters from the jaws of death without it seeming contrived? How can I keep the “power” in my game from getting out of hand? and does it all in a format which is simple to follow and easy to use.
Learn how to use Rolemaster to its fullest potential! Gamemaster Law provides a wealth of guidelines, tips and details that a Gamemaster needs to run a Rolemaster game, or any other Fantasy RPG. The discussed topics will prove invaluable to GMs of all systems – group dynamics, player motivations, story presentation, world design, race generation, campaign evolution, game metabolism, story backdrops, and much more. Delve into the mysteries of running a truly great campaign!
Thanks again to everyone who bought Gamemaster Law, we hope you enjoy it!


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