ERA for Rolemaster – Beta test available now

ERA for Rolemaster – Create characters and manage adventures quickly and easily.
One of our forum members has just released a beta test of a brand new piece of software: ERA for Rolemaster. You can try it for free by clicking this download link
The beta test includes:
1 Ruleset: RM2 / RMC
2 Races: Common man and Elf
2 Professions: Magician and Fighter
2 Spell Lists: Fire Law and Spell Mastery (all the way to lvl 50, including full text)
3 Background options: Great strength, Infravision and Neutral Odor
3 Attack Tables: Broadsword, Composite Bow and Fire Bolt
4 Critical Tables: Heat, Krush, Puncture and Slash
and much more…
Try it now and let us know what you think on our forum. To keep up-to-date with progress of the ERA for Rolemaster and to learn more about our upcoming releases, join our MAILING LIST.