Dún Crú now available on Fantasy Grounds

Dun CruYou can now get the amazing Rolemaster Classic adventure ‘Dún Crú’ on Fantasy Grounds for just $7. This add on gives you everything you need to run this brilliant adventure on Fantasy Grounds’ virtual tabletop system.
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Dún Crú
Deep within the Dark Woods of the kingdom of Archendurn is a ruined fortress, Dún Crú. Rumors say that it has become the lair of bandits or evil goblins. Legends say that it is haunted by the spirits of its garrison. Are you brave enough to seek answers to the mysteries of Dún Crú?
Dún Crú is a complete adventure module for Rolemaster (both RMSS/FRP and RM Classic) and HARP. Designed for parties of 4th to 6th-level characters, encounters can be scaled upwards or downwards to suit the GM’s needs. Dún Crú is a sequel to the City of Archendurn setting module, but may be used in almost any fantasy setting.
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Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop (an application acting as a virtual online gaming table) designed to perform many of the tasks you would do while playing at a conventional gaming table. These include character creation, handing out sheets, maps and notes, combat resolution, rolling dice and keeping track of all game information. Whether you are running games as GM or take part as a player, Fantasy Grounds provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage information and perform tasks.
To use the Dún Crú adventure add on you require a full or ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds and the Rolemaster Classic ruleset (version 1.51 or higher).
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