Dragonmeet Round-up

Stall at Dragonmeet Convention
What a day it was at this year’s Dragonmeet! Let me start by saying a huge thanks to everyone involved in running the convention and everyone who attended and took the time to come and see us, talk to us and buy from us. Special mention to Order of the Iron Crown member Chris Seal who came down all the way from Manchester to run a game and help out.
This year’s convention saw over 1,500 attendees and, as Iron Crown Enterprises’ first convention in a very long time, was incredibly successful. There were of course areas that we’d look to improve upon for the next convention we attend, but all in all it was a really great day.
Chris Seal’s Rolemaster game was fully booked and really well received by all who played. The Iron Crown Enterprises raffle was also a huge success with one lucky winner walking away with a complete set of Rolemaster Classic rulebooks.
It was nice to see so many ICE fans and so many people with memories of playing ICE roleplaying games. A number of people commented how nice it was to see ICE so active in the market and back at conventions. It was really great to hear and we’re now thinking about next year’s Dragonmeet and a sustainable way of extending our convention attendance.
I had a great day at Dragonmeet. It wasn’t all the games, the stalls or the competitions that made it great for me, it was the people. Everyone (even those with no previous experience or interest in Iron Crown) was so nice and friendly that the day whizzed past. It reaffirmed what I already knew (but sometimes forget) that the gaming industry is an amazing industry to work in. Fans, publishers and retailers, really are some of the nicest people I have ever met.


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