Iron Crown Enterprises Director's Briefing

Director’s Briefing – September 2023


To the one hundred-and-forty-sixth Briefing and ninth scheduled Briefing of 2023.


As a reminder, we did send out a wave of discount coupons for print copies of Core Law and Spell Law for the early adopters of both books and those who lucked out at Gen Con. I know some people have already redeemed their coupons. If you did not receive the coupons, please contact Colin.

RMU Treasure Law is the current focus of attention in prepublication checks and layout. I will be tearing myself away from HARP SF The Corporate Worlds shortly to enter into a round of my own checking as I will have fresh eyes at that point.

Colin has been commenting that he is coming to the end of the commissioning phase of artwork for Creature Law – so I soon feed him another manuscript for artwork commissioning.


The manuscript for Colin in terms of artwork is Banecroft: The Mage’s Tale.

I am still editing Dave Martin’s other manuscript, namely HARP SF The Corporate Worlds. This is a much larger manuscript and requires much more nuanced editing. Easy editing is of course catching typos – and that is either just correct there and then or put a comment in and have the author make the edit. Editing to ensure that a setting book is true to the setting is that nuanced editorial work. The Corporate Worlds is a new sector of space in the Tintamar universe, the “house” setting for HARP SF. Various nuggets of information have been established for the Tintamar universe in HARP SF and HARP SF Xtreme, and so The Corporate Worlds has to adhere to those nuggets, such as the size of ships that can transit portals as opposed to using the normal Lagrange Drive. There isn’t a written-up setting bible for authors to follow, though. I ran a long playtest campaign when writing HARP SF and SF Xtreme (which I did write up narratives of the game sessions) so I am slipping into the twenty-sixth century gracefully and adjusting Dave’s text as I go and putting in comments to explain why a sentence has been substantially altered or even deleted. My intention is that the Corporate Worlds will thus extend and expand the Tintamar setting without contradicting any of the backstory or accidentally breaking any of the established “science/technology” constraints. The constraints actually empower rather than limit: We have faster-than-light travel so we can explore the universe, we don’t have faster-than-light “radio” communication so explorers and merchant adventurers are on their own and can make independent decisions without real-time second-guessing from armchair admirals or corporate directors back home. I am having fun.


David Klecker is also having fun. He has coded the HARP SF and HARP SF Xtreme with the exception of vehicular combat, and has flipped back into HARP Fantasy. He is singing the praises of his beta testers who are testing the code to the nth degree.

Until next time

Back to the future of the twenty-sixth century for me.

Please stay safe and keep gaming.

Best wishes, Nicholas

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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