Director’s Briefing – September 2019

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To the ninety-ninth Briefing and eighth Briefing of 2019. Keeping this brief as I wish to keep up my editing momentum.
Shadow World
We are still awaiting the RMSS stats for Terry’s mini-adventure. Terry is continuing with his work on Haalkitaine, and is currently focused on the new adventures for the enhanced edition. On the side, he is scribbling notes for Emer IV.
Priest-King of Shade is also in the editing queue.
Aaron is deep in the shuffling of content between the two volumes of Creature Law and all the paranoia checks that come with that. The rest of RMU is formally in the editing queue.
HARP Fantasy and HARP SF
First off, HARP Bestiary. I decided that I would perform an editing sweep on all the chapters in order to catch any inconsistency errors between chapters as well as errors within chapters. So I have swept through from introduction through Colin’s chapters on animals and sea monsters thence to John’s chapters on land creatures, air creatures, dragons and weres, and finally to my own chapters on the undead, elementals and demons. Yes, I know that it is problematic to edit myself but my original text has been checked by others. So what’s left to do? In the introduction, I have designer notes to copy in and some explanatory notes to put on Miniscule and Gigantic attack sizes and talents plus an extended BMR table. Then some arrangement of chapters and their content for Terry’s benefit in layout. So this is more than ready to have new artwork commissioned and I am handing it over to Colin to be in charge of organising the artwork.
Speaking of Colin, he has submitted his set of expanded and amended text for the Cyradon core setting book. This includes revision to the Cyradon monsters. Now added to my queue.
I received some time ago an amended draft of HARP Beyond the Veil so that is also in my editing queue and is next in line due to the relatively modest set of elements requiring checking.
The editing queue is currently therefore: HARP Bestiary, HARP Beyond the Veil, Cyradon (because there is a bit more text which needs to be looked at), and then unless any smaller manuscripts manage to turn up, Priest-King (as it is a full large draft requiring an editing sweep), and then RMU is jostling with other manuscripts for the next slot after that.
Until next time
The next scheduled Briefing will be in October 2019.
Best wishes,
Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd
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