Iron Crown Enterprises Director's Briefing

Director’s Briefing – October 2022


To the one hundred-and-thirty-fifth Briefing and tenth scheduled Briefing of 2022.


As I write, it is just over a month to Dragonmeet (3rd December) this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the wave of postal strikes in the UK won’t interfere with the shipments of Garden of Rain, Bestiary and Beyond the Veil for sale at Dragonmeet. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that 3rd December won’t be targeted for one of our national rail strikes, although getting from Cambridge to London has been just about possible on the previous strike days.

Shadow World

I have had a few queries regarding Shadow World. I will be turning my attention back to Shadow World and indeed everything else once we have RMU Core Law and RMU Spell Law safely published.


I indicated last month that Rodd Kleinschmidt, the author of HARP Subterfuge, is determined that the print version be absolutely perfect and was compiling a list of errata. These have now arrived, and I will be working through these shortly. We will endeavour to get the fixes made to the pdf but I think the chances of getting a print master made, approved through Lightning Source, a proof copy back to me and then a chunky order printed and posted in time for Dragonmeet are exceedingly low.

Rolemaster and RMU

Max has made multiple improvements to the ERA software and there are updates to every ERA dataset as a result. Registered customers will see the update emails coming through via OneBookShelf as the updated files are uploaded and become available. For customers, who have not signed up for the emails, just check the ERA main software package and compare datestamp with your existing files. Please download the new files at your convenience.

I have completed my pass through RMU Core Law and we are down to the final tweaks being implemented. Release of RMU Core Law as a pdf is imminent. Can we get a print shipment to Dragonmeet? Too close to call. I will send a print master through to Lightning Source at the same time as we release Core Law in pdf with the goal of having an inspection copy available at our Dragonmeet stand.

I am now moving into “Columbo” mode on RMU Spell Law, and there is a first draft layout of RMU Treasure Law available for my scrutiny in the queue immediately after RMU Spell Law.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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