Director’s Briefing – October 2014

Welcome to the fortieth Briefing and the tenth scheduled Briefing for 2014, and straight to new releases.
ERA for Rolemaster
For a number of months, Maximiliano Tabacman has been running playtests of his excellent character management software package for Rolemaster. ERA (Electronic Roleplaying Assistant) provides the ability to create characters at any level, add them to the ERA campaign dataset, enabling players and GMs to monitor and manage all aspects of the characters including skills, resistances, spells, abilities and gear, and to resolve maneuvers and actions. You can find tutorial videos HERE and there are extensive discussions on the Rolemaster Software section of the ICE forums.
I am very pleased to report that ERA is now ready to go on sale. The base package including some sample data is available for free download via OneBookShelf from today. Three modular data set files will also be available in this round of releases, RMC Character Law, RMC Spell Law and RMC Arms Law. These are all being priced at 9.95 USD each.
Yes, I know. Occasionally our release schedule feels like waiting for the bus. You hang around for what seems like ages and then three come along at once. However the base package and the three data modules are a natural fit and should be released essentially together, so that’s what we are doing.
Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn
As long as all the artwork arrives in time, Terry and I expect that we will be able to release “Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn” in October as a pdf. We will be publishing this Shadow World adventure module as a perfect-bound softcover. Depending upon exactly when we achieve pdf release, and then how quickly we can progress Tales through the OneBookShelf print-on-demand process, we might have printed copies ready in time for…
As indicated last month, I have already booked the stand for Aurigas/ICE and Guild Companion Publications for Dragonmeet, the UK’s premier one-day gaming convention. This year Dragonmeet is at the IBIS Hotel Earls Court and ILEC Convention Centre, London on Saturday 6th December.
I have ordered multiple copies of every HARP, HARP SF, and Shadow World that we currently have in print (and the first consignment are already printed and shipping), so there will be opportunities to inspect the merchandise before making purchases. In addition to accepting hard cash, we will, subject to the tech behaving itself, have the capability to accept credit card payments.
As well as the stand proper, we have also hired a demo table to run full-length scenarios. John Seal will be running a HARP adventure and I am also expecting to run a HARP or HARP SF adventure. We will also have a Rolemaster minigame in collaboration with Arion Games and competitions.
We would love to see lots of ICE fans at Dragonmeet, and would encourage UK members of the Order of the Iron Crown to step forward to run adventures and generally get involved.
Colin is heavily involved in the organisational aspects, so expect lots of forum postings, Facebook posts and tweets from Colin from now onwards on Dragonmeet.
Until next time
Back to work for me. The next scheduled Briefing will be in November.
Best wishes,
Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd.
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