Iron Crown Enterprises Director's Briefing

Director’s Briefing – May 2022


To the one hundred-and-thirtieth Briefing and fifth scheduled Briefing of 2022.

Gen Con 2022

We are now officially on the list as a vendor at Gen Con 2022, having completed the necessary paperwork to trigger us as being live for 2022 after having to sit out 2021 and 2020. We will be aiming to get as many new books to Gen Con as we can.


Once HARP Beyond the Veil is signed off by Lightning Source and we have inspected the proof copies, we will make HARP Beyond The Veil available in both softcover and hardcover, and add it to the Gen Con book batch.

Final checks are being made on HARP Subterfuge before its pdf release.

In an unexpected twist, David Martin, a freelancer writer contacted me about working on a HARP SF setting book. It turned out that he had a complete HARP Fantasy adventure manuscript from before Guild Companion Publications took on any of the main licenses. Rather than let this continue to gather electrons, we rescued the manuscript and I undertook an editing pass of the full draft. David is now working on some modest revisions to the manuscript – Banecroft: The Mage’s Tale will see the light of publication in due course.

Rolemaster and RMU

As some of you know scanning of old products is fraught with issues and not all scanned products come out as happily as we would like. Step forward Nick Redding who has worked his magic on Arcane Companion. It is now in a very happy state. If you have previously purchased our pdf version of Arcane Companion, please download the refreshed copy at your convenience.

On the RMU front, the biggest thing is obviously RMU Arms and Character Law, which has been renamed as RMU Core Law to properly reflect that it has Arms Law, Character Law and Gamemaster Law content. Nick Morawitz has completed a first layout pass on the manuscript and we (including myself) have been sweeping through the pdf in progress trying to catch any glitches and then letting Nick update the pdf.

In between our layout checking sweeps, Nick has been seen looking meaningfully at the RMU Spell Law manuscript and considering its layout.

The $64,000 question is will RMU Core Law be ready for Gen Con 2022? Stay tuned for updates.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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