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Director’s Briefing – May 2021

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To the one hundred-and-nineteenth Briefing and fifth scheduled Briefing of 2021. I hope that you and yours are staying well, and if you have the opportunity to be vaccinated, you can take it. I can happily report that I now have had my first AZ dose.


As you have hopefully already heard, we have released HARP Bestiary in its pdf format through DriveThruRPG. It is on sale at 20 USD and that is an early-adopter price. The eventual price will be 30 USD due to the huge page count and the colour interior artwork. Colin, John, Nick and I are very happy to see it finally released, and we hope you are all equally glad to have it on your electronic shelves.

As always, we are inviting our early adopters to report any errors or oddities, so that we can rectify them before we send the print masters to OneBookShelf / Lightning Source. Please make use of the thread on the HARP portion of the ICE forums for this. All changes will be made to the pdf as always and an update released free to all early adopters in the traditional manner.

It is so nice to have a new HARP release.

Meanwhile Nick has turned his attention to HARP Garden of Rain. Elsewhere Joel Lovell is trying out various layout possibilities for HARP SF The Poseidon Gambit.

I have been in contact with Brad White who is making progress on the manuscript of Dark Harvest, Dark Hunt (the sequel to HARP Garden of Rain) and also with Chris Seal who is still labouring away on Caer Glais (a campaign module set in the wider world of Mithra). Jon Cassie (of HARP Loot, HARP Folkways and the upcoming HARP Beyond the Veil) is musing on a campaign module for the continent of Anias.

Shadow World

The Shadow World queue has acquired a new manuscript – Night of The Third Moon – an adventure module set in the Bladelands (Folenn). We have this manuscript in both English and German, thanks to the efforts of its author, Gerrit Guenther. I am quite aware that we still have Priest-King to get through its final stages.


I have issued a gallery of artwork contracts to Colin to distribute to artists. I am pleased to report that he has come back for some more contracts and the first pieces of artwork for RMU Arms & Character Law have now arrived. Colin is currently coming up with the full list of artwork for RMU Spell Law.

In terms of other arrivals, a complete draft of the RMU Character Companion has also arrived in my inbox for editing perusal.

ERA Software

As part of the preparation work for Spacemaster: Privateers, Max has been making additional upgrades to the existing ERA package and datasets. These have been uploaded and you can retrieve the latest versions at your convenience.

Until next time

Please stay safe.

Best wishes,


Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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