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Director’s Briefing – July 2022


To the one hundred-and-thirty-second Briefing and seventh scheduled Briefing of 2022.


HARP Subterfuge will shortly be available [It is actually availanle NOW via this link] in pdf version at DriveThruRPG and all affiliated sites. This is one of those books that when I read the manuscript, I was jealous of how absolutely brilliant it is.

HARP Subterfuge gives your stealthy and roguish characters new dimensions of skulduggery. HARP Subterfuge is to Thieves and Rogues (and other ne’er do wells such as Scoundrels and Seekers, and even Hunters and Rangers down on their luck) what HARP College of Magics was for magic in HARP Fantasy.

HARP Subterfuge adds three new professions – Ninjas as stealthy martial artists, Nightblades (with nod to Rolemaster Companion I) as the archetypal mage-wielding assassins, and Beguilers as semi spell users specialising in misdirection and manipulation. New Spheres of magic are added for the Nightblade and Beguiler, and there are some additional spells for the Ranger. Rather than adding a host of variant thief or rogue professions, HARP Subterfuge instead provides advice on how to create deadly assassin, swashbuckling pirates, debonair spies and more from judicious choices of professions, skills, and talents.

HARP Subterfuge is also a masterclass on the effective application of subterfuge and influence skills to commit the perfect crimes. There are detailed rules and guidance on thieves’ tools and the art of the poisoner. Despite their best efforts, a Thief or a Rogue can find themselves in a fight to the death, so HARP Subterfuge provides a survival guide to combat and the low down on the martial arts techniques of the Ninja. An edge is an edge, so characters who want to blend stealth and skulduggery with the sorcerous arts are well catered for. There is expert advice on creating thieves’ guilds and other underworld organisations, on crime and punishment, and finally countermeasures for the GM to use to stop the player-characters getting away with murder (too often!).

Gen Con 2022

We hurtle towards Gen Con 2022. A large bundle of new books were ordered, have been printed and these will be available for sale at Gen Con 2022. We have added copies of HARP Bestiary, HARP Beyond the Veil and HARP Garden of Rain, in both hardcover and softcover, and these will have a booth discount. If you are at Gen Con, please do stop by the booth.

Rolemaster and RMU

Unfortunately RMU Core Law will not be ready in final form for Gen Con 2022. However, we are pushing very hard to have a printed copy of nearly final versions of RMU Core Law (and possibly RMU Spell Law) available for viewing by fans.

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Please stay safe.

Best wishes,

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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