Director’s Briefing – February 2016

To the fifty-seventh Briefing and the second scheduled Briefing of 2016.
We persist and we persevere.
Dan Henry has stepped down from the RMU development team for personal reasons. Joining the RMU development team are Graham Bottley (who is the author of Rolemaster Rome among other rpg works) and Jonathan Dale (whose character creation spreadsheets many of us have come to rely on). Graham is already labouring on the todo list for Spell Law, whilst Jonathan is supporting Matt with Arms & Character Law and Joeri with Creature Law, including migrating a number of races from Creature Law into Arms & Character Law to enrich the core set of player-character races.
Shadow World
Somehow the master softcover print files for Eidolon got lost at the Lightning Source end of the process again. As Lightning Source have now changed their cover specs very slightly, we’ve adjusted the cover and reuploaded it. Hopefully this will be third-time lucky.
Contracts to arrange for the return of The Orgillion Horror and Alchemy Companion are with Tim Taylor.
Brian Hanson has been in touch to indicate he’s closing in on the next full draft of Priest-King of Shade.
There have been a series of updates to the ERA software package and its datasets, notably in terms of the inclusion of additional Shadow World material such as Loremaster and Navigator spell lists.
There have also been further updates to the AutoHARP suite, and I have supplied David with the relevant material from HARP Folkways so that a Folkways dataset can be ready for simultaneous release with the pdf.
In HARP Bestiary, I have completed the text of the Elemental chapter, so the only part of that left to do is the actual stats. As soon as I can get a couple of evenings, I will get the stats resolved. I have donated the creatures which were originally intended to be Elemental planar creatures to other chapters. I have already seen John’s reconstruction of the Flamedarter and I am very happy that I made the right decision to delegate these. John, by the way, has completed his Dragons chapter; once he reconstructs the other extra monsters, he will be onward to Lycanthropes.
Jon Cassie added some culture tables to HARP Folkways for the GM whose inspiration is flagging on how to differentiate cultures in his or her setting.
For HARP SF, I have a substantially complete draft of The Poseidon Gambit to review.
Until next time
Back to more persistence and perseverance. The next scheduled Briefing will be in March 2016.
Best wishes,
Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd.
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