Director’s Briefing – December 2013

Welcome to the thirtieth Briefing and twelfth scheduled Briefing for 2013.
Nearly off the treadmill
Down to three lectures and one assignment still to produce for this semester, so there will be a serious slackening of the real-world treadmill, although two new course modules need working on for next semester. My long-term plan to create future gaming software through student projects has moved a trifle closer as my proposal for a new combined business and IT degree at my university has passed its first hurdle.
No updates to report from HARP this month.
I still have the second (and potentially final) drafts of “M for Murder” (which I think needs a different title) and “Escort Duty” to review – though the first drafts of both were so good that I expect it will not take long to approve them and put them in safe mode awaiting monster stat blocks.
The Rolemaster Combat Minion software has had a relatively painless public playtest. Meanwhile a quartet of volunteers came together to create the RMSS/FRP dataset and had that ready in a matter of days. So assuming there are no minor snags, we should have the Rolemaster Combat Minion with both Classic and RMSS/FRP combat files available for purchase sometime this month. If we assume some minor snags or holiday preparations intervening, then it may shift into January.
The RMU team have been putting in the hours on the second beta manuscripts, with really good progress on all four manuscripts – we are combining Arms Law and Character Law into a single volume. The ideal result will be to get all four out at once for beta testing, though if necessary I will settle for Arms Law/Character Law and Spell Law leading the second beta charge.
Shadow World
On Emer 3, the RMSS stats are done and just need a perusal from me as a final check before I hand them over to Terry and we make a big push to get a pdf version of Emer 3 out. Both Terry and I have reviewed the module currently entitled “Priest King of Shade” and we will be getting it formally under contract – though it will be getting a new name. Terry is still reviewing the Lethys module and starting an editorial pass.
A reminder that our call for Shadow World adventures is still open – see October’s Director’s Briefing for details.
Until next time
I have many things to do, including making the annual royalty payments on some older products to authors and artists, and then its back to work in the real and gaming industry worlds. The next scheduled Briefing will be in the new year, so all that remains for me to do is to wish you all a Merry Christmas (or other holiday of your choosing) and a Happy New Year.
Best wishes,
Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd.
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