Iron Crown Enterprises Director's Briefing

Director’s Briefing – August 2023


To the one hundred-and-forty-fifth Briefing and eighth scheduled Briefing of 2023.

Gen Con 2023

The run up to Gen Con 2023 felt a bit hectic even on this side of the pond. Lightning Source ran closer to the wire with our megashipments of books than was desirable, but thanks to great support from our partners at DriveThru, the nightmare scenarios of no RMU books at Gen Con was avoided.

Our booth team (Aaron Smalley, Nick Morawitz, Monte Iafrate, and Jonathan Dale) had a more hectic time of getting the books and the T-shirts (stylishly showing off cover artwork) to Gen Con and getting set up, and a very busy time at the convention itself – Jonathan answering queries on RMU on tap. By the end of Thursday (Day One), all of the shiny new Spell Law hardcovers had sold out. By the end of Friday (Day Two), all of the shiny new Core Law hardcovers had sold out as well. I created a very fast web form to capture email addresses of those who arrived too late to buy copies (see below). In addition to heroic efforts at the booth, we also had a crack team of GMs (Aaron Smalley, Charles Town, David Martin and David Hay) run nineteen (yes, nineteen!) sessions with Aaron and David Hay running RMU scenarios in Aaron’s Channel Cities and Shadow World respectively, and Charles and David Martin running HARP Fantasy and HARP SF scenarios respectively.

A very successful convention and ICE will be back for Gen Con 2024.


I mentioned above collecting email addresses, and I have been encouraging early adopters of the RMU pdfs to sign up for DriveThru notification emails. I sent a wave of discount coupons out on the Tuesday after Gen Con, both for Spell Law to all early adopter pdf purchasers, and to those who filled in the physical and web form for Core Law and Spell Law. If you did not receive the coupons, please contact Colin.

ERA for Rolemaster

Max has made a modest update to the ERA base software, so please download at your convenience.


With Dave Martin safely back from Gen Con, he has been able to make his tweaks to his adventure module, Banecroft: The Mage’s Tale. We will progress it shortly into the artwork and cartography commissioning phases. I am now editing “The Corporate Worlds”, a Tintamar setting sourcebook for HARP SF, written again by Dave Martin, who tried some of his proposed scenarios out at Gen Con.

David Klecker is working away on HARP SF aspects for AutoHARP3, particularly the combat elements, and will then move onward to HARP SF Xtreme components. He is expecting to reach an alpha test for the SF version of AutoHARP3 by the start of October. David is still seeking more beta testers for the Fantasy version of AutoHARP3.

Until next time

Back to The Corporate Worlds and the twenty-sixth century for me.

Please stay safe and keep gaming.

Best wishes, Nicholas

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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