Director’s Briefing – August 2013

Welcome to the twenty-sixth Director’s Briefing and the eighth scheduled for this year. This month’s Briefing is rather later than normal as I’m just back from Indianapolis. I know GenCon Indy has not started yet – I was presenting three papers at a microscopy conference. Unfortunately I could not simply hang around Indy for GenCon as I’ve not created sufficient vacation time in the new day job. I was able to begin reading Loremaster Legacy (the new Shadow World novel from Terry Amthor) on the flight home – only a few chapters in but very good so far.
HARP College of Magics was released on the 15th July and the discount offer remains good until the 15th August. Buy it now.
Use it immediately to snap up your pdf copy of HARP College of Magics for 4.99 USD
There have been only a handful of errata catches for HARP College of Magics so I’m expecting to be able to send Terry the adjustment list in short order and get the print versions into the OBS/Lightning Source system soon.
I had hoped that we would already have HARP Martial Law available in print but there was a glitch at the Lightning Source end and we have to resend the cover files and wait on a new set of proof copies.
We also released AutoHARP Martial Law last month and continue to update the AutoHARP suite as new versions are issued by David Klecker. Keep an eye out for the AutoHARP SF Xtreme and the AutoHARP College of Magics database releases in due course.
A quick update on my progress with the RMU beta products. I’ve provided feedback and corrections to the authorial team for Arms Law, Character Law, and Spell Law. I have an additional bundle of Spell Law-related queries to answer and the current Creature Law draft is next on my commuting reading list.
Until next time
I am deliberately keeping this Briefing very short in order to catch up on GCP business. In the September Briefing, I intend to give a more comprehensive round up of projects in progress across the product lines.
Best wishes,
Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd.