Iron Crown Enterprises Director's Briefing

Director’s Briefing – April 2024


To the one hundred-and-fifty-third Briefing and fourth scheduled Briefing of 2024.

Dragonmeet 2024

In the last briefing, I mentioned that I had placed our order for tables at Dragonmeet within ten minutes of the bookings opening. And an incredibly good thing I did so. Every single table at Dragonmeet was sold out within a week. Fastest ever. The organisers are now trying to see if they can find a bigger location for the 2025 show, which is likely to be no easier than it was last year or the year before.

To remind you, Dragonmeet 2024 will be at Novotel Hammersmith in London on Saturday 30th November. GMs wanted to run Rolemaster and HARP demo games.


Nick has been implementing residual fixes to Treasure Law. An interim update of the pdf is likely. Please report any residual issues as we will soon need to proceed towards the print masters.

Nick has also circulated a new Creature Law layout draft version. It’s not yet ready for the formal series of iterative passes but that will come.

Software – ERA, Roll20 and AutoHARP

Every so often various antivirus software packages report false positive alerts on the ERA software. At least one of the reasons for this is that antivirus software is sensitive to software that is packaged as a self-extracting executable. From now on, ERA in its Windows version will be packaged as a .zip file – hence you will need to use the Windows built-in unzip facility or a third-party software to uncompress the file. We hope that this reassures the antivirus packages.

Our RMU incarnation for the Roll20 virtual tabletop continues to make progress.

AutoHARP was ready in February, I held off uploading it to ensure a correct listing, and then David had a “Columbo” moment of “just one last thing”. This “one last thing” morphed into sorting out a new HARP Bestiary dataset at the same time. As soon as David has reassured himself that everything is as he and his beta testers expect it to behave, then I will upload the new AutoHARP edition.


Not finished yet on HARP Steampunk, but still no need to nudge Phil Masters for him to make any corrections.

I will be doing a round of checking on how other authors are getting on with their respective adventure module drafts.

Until next time

Please stay safe and keep gaming.

Best wishes, Nicholas

Director, Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd

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