Director’s Briefing April 2013

This is our twenty-first Briefing and is the fourth scheduled Briefing for 2013.

HARP Fantasy

In HARP Bestiary, some of the chapters have now been allocated, namely Land and Flying Monsters to John Duffield, and Water Monsters to Sam Orton. I will be working on the Undead, Elemental and Demon chapters (as I will be importing material for them from the Something Wicked draft). The Normal Animals, Dangerous Plants, Lycanthropes, and Dragons chapters are as yet unallocated. If you think you have what it takes to be a HARP writer, then drop me an email at The first three Land Animals have already arrived in first draft format.


I have allocated most of the artwork for the reconstructed modules, The Ruins of Kausur and A Wedding in Axebridge. I will be perusing the portfolios of artists who have contacted me directly or ICE to see if their style would fit with these modules. I also have a cartographer exploring what is required to correct and improve the maps. Enya Lote is essentially complete in terms of its text, so a big thank you to Andrew and Heleen Durston for a job well done there. It will need an editorial pass to ensure monster stats match up with Bestiary and the new Cyradon. I will also be spending an evening identifying what art it needs in the next couple of weeks.

All being well, we should now have new material for both “Cyradon: Arrival” and “Cyradon: ReAwakening”. I am still keen for more Cyradon material in the post-Ritual / post-Compact periods. Don’t be shy – get in touch with me at

Shadow World

Cloudlords of Tanara will indeed be the first Early Edition Shadow World product and it will be coming out in both pdf and print-on-demand. I expect release of the pdf version this month – Terry has already sent me the new interior. Print-on-demand versions may be May, depending on the OneBookShelf/Lightning Source approval process.

I have approved the Emer 2 and Eidolon RMSS stat blocks already. The Haalkitaine RMSS stat block has been reviewed and I’ve asked for some additional material. The Jaiman RMSS stat block has arrived for review. Only the Emer I stat block to go.


I have reviewed the current in-progress drafts of RMU Creature Law and Treasure Law; both are making progress. I’ve reviewed the second beta draft of RMU Arms Law and I believe that will address the issues raised by the playtest so far. The second beta drafts of RMU Character Law and Spell Law are next in my in-tray.

Until next time

Back to reading manuscript drafts for me, managing multiple projects and getting some of my own writing for Bestiary completed; the next scheduled Director’s Briefing will be in May, but expect unscheduled announcements for Cloudlords of Tanara and HARP Fantasy.

Best wishes,

Director, Guild Companion Publications Ltd.

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