Cyber Europe – Out Now!

Cyber EuropeCyber Europe – OUT NOW!
Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the re-release of ‘Cyber Europe’, a campaign sourcebook for Cyberspace. After years lost in the IP ether, this brilliant sourcebook by Anders Blixt is now available again as a scanned pdf.
Cyber Europe
The year is 2090 and the place is the Federal State of Europe. Thirty-six countries from Iceland to Georgia have been blended into a caustic, volatile melting pot. Governed by aristocrats, who are in turn ruled by executive slime, the European Community exists at the edge of depravity and despotism. Dare you cross its war-torn borders?
In Cyber Europe, you can unlock the secrets of the Vatican’s anti-terrorist force, get thrown into a Kriminalbezirk, join Sondergruppe 9, fight the deadly Kampfmaschine, and run into blood-thirsty members of the Neuhitlerjugend.
Cyber Europe culminates with an intriguing adventure which sets players on a quest to recover the holy Christian artifact, the Spear of Destiny.
This sourcebook provides you with the following:

  • A wealth of source material on the European Community and its strong-willed neighbors
  • Numerous NPCs and organizations deeply rooted in the mystique and history of this great continent.
  • Information on warfare, law enforcement and crime
  • A complete adventure which sends players from the cultural heart of Cyber Europe to the frozen waters off Norway in an epic quest

For more information on Cyber Europe or to buy your copy, visit RPGNow or follow the link below.
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