CTMTTYAC Competition

Welcome to the Colin The Marketing Troll’s Ten Year Anniversary Competition (CTMTTYAC) – I had ten years to think of a title for this, I really should have done better.

The competition

Throughout September I will be hiding secret codes around ICE’s various platforms and outlets. When you find a secret code, submit it using the form at the bottom of this page. At the beginning of October I will then collate all the entries (each code is a separate entry so the more you find the greater your chances of winning) and pick winners.

Each secret code will start with CTMT and be followed by four numbers (ie CTMT-1234). We will release a new secret code each day (so there will be 30 codes overall). They will be hidden across all ICE platforms and outlets including: Emails, ICE Facebook page, Rolemaster Facebook page, HARP Facebook page, Spacemaster Facebook page, ICE Twitter, Discord, ICE forum and of course the ICE website (only the ironcrown.co.uk site). Some will be better hidden than others but they will all stay in place from the day they are released until the end of the month (ie you don’t have to find them on the day they come out).

In short – Keep an eye on pretty much everything we do in September and if you see a code, submit it through the form below.

The prizes

1st prize – $30 voucher for DrivethruRPG
2nd prize – $25 voucher for DrivethruRPG
3rd prize – $20 voucher for DrivethruRPG
4th prize – $15 voucher for DrivethruRPG
5th prize – $10 voucher for DrivethruRPG

It would be great if you spent these vouchers on ICE products, but we’re not going to force you.

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took part. We hope you enjoyed it.

Terms and conditions

We want everyone to take part and enjoy this competition so we will only allow one prize per person. If you’re drawn as the winner of 1st prize AND 2nd prize, you will only get first prize and redraw 2nd. We hope you think this is fair.

Incorrect codes and duplicate codes (the same code submitted from the same email address) will be removed before drawing winners.

If I feel that a player is attempting to cheat the system I will remove all their entries at my own discretion

3 thoughts on “CTMTTYAC Competition

  1. Mark

    Definitely will be using the vouchers for ICE products! Getting ready to start up a new Shadow World campaign and need a couple of resources from DrivethruRPG!

    1. Randy

      Hey, we are going to do Shadow World too! Not sure when, as one of the current campaigns has to come to a close.
      But we are excited!

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