Crowd sourced NPC – Myrin

If you follow Iron Crown Enterprises on Twitter, you will hopefully be aware that we have recently been trying to crowd source an NPC for HARP Fantasy by posing a series of polls for our followers to complete. If I’m honest, it was a lot more difficult that I initially imagined (mostly due to Twitter only allowing three options per poll). Despite that, we persevered and here we are. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet our crowdsourced NPC for HARP, a nomadic elven warrior mage named Myrin:

Name: Myrin
Level: 11
Race: Elf
Culture: Nomad
Profession: Warrior mage

Age: 175
Height: 5’9
Weight: 145lbs

BMR: 13
DB: 18
Hits: 75
Initiative: 6
PP: 118

St: 82 (+7)
Co: 59 (+2)
Ag: 85 (+8)
Qu: 63 (+6)
SD: 63 (+3)
Re: 97 (+11)
In: 62 (+5)
Pr: 49 (+4)


Myrin is truly devoted to their religion. They are an avid follower of a little-known God of death and destruction. Some say the religion is a cult and that the ‘wise elders’ of the religion have created a group of highly trained assassins that do not require payment. People who say this do not live long but there is no denying that the religion certainly generates a lot of income for the most senior members.

Myrin is tall and slender. They eat only what they need to and do not indulge in any leisure activities. Instead they spend their time training and praying. Having trained with the religion from a young age Myrin has been given the title of ‘fury’. Furies are free to roam the land and kill whomever they chose in the name of their God. From time to time the Wise Elders will send word that a specific person has attracted the ire of their God and Myrin will be sent to dispatch them.

Necromancers are among the religion’s most hated people and Myrin will kill them on sight. The undead are an afront to the god of death and destruction and will also be despatched without a thought. Healers and doctors are also hated by the religion and are killed wherever possible. In contrast, the religion teaches that murders are to be respected and even protected. Myrin is not a bad person. They believe that they are doing their God’s work and tend not to make sacrifices of innocent people, choosing instead to sacrifice those that are a detriment to society (mostly thieves, kidnappers and rapists).


Bladeturn (14) 68
Deflections (23) 83
Hammer strike (12) 64
Weapon’s fury (9) 55
Steel skin (26) 86
Boost Strength (8) 40


Melee Weapon – Great blades – Katana (20) 85, Melee Weapon – Staves – Quarterstaff (10) 65, Herbcraft (5) 41, Mundane Lore – Religion (15) 82, Perception (15) 78, Resistance – Stamina (10) 55, Resistance – Will (15) 65, Resistance – Magic (5) 45, Arcane Lore – Demon lore (10) 72, Power Point Development (20) 78, Spells – Bladeturn (14) 68, Spells – Deflections (23) 83, Spells – Hammer strike (12) 64, Spells – Weapon’s fury (9) 55, Spells – Steel skin (26) 86, Spells – Boost Strength (8) 40, Animal Handling – Horses (5) 34, Navigation (4) 36, Riding – Horses (8) 51, Tracking (3) 23, Armor (3) 30, Endurance (10) 55, Jumping (8) 55, Swimming (8) 55, Stalking & Hiding (4) 56


Enhanced senses, Quiet stride, Night vision, Focussed eloquence (lesser) – Warrior mage sphere