Create the ultimate Sci-Fi adventure with HARP SF Xtreme

HARP SF XtremeAre you looking to expand on your HARP SF adventure to create the ultimate Science Fiction role playing experience? Then look no further than HARP SF Xtreme
HARP SF Xtreme expands on the HARP SF system and takes your game to the next level of excitement. It gives you the ability to upgrade your heroes to their full transhuman potential with the complete range of cyberware (from mind-enhancing nanoware implants to complete cybernetic replacements of limbs and organs that are faster, stronger, and better than the biological originals), transcend the biological and upload your hero’s mind into the virtual world of cyberspace, then download it into the robotic body of your own construction or one of the nine archetypal example robots and join the machine revolution and create a character who is a pure Artificial Intelligence!
In addition HARP SF Xtreme offers:

  • A complete set of vehicular rules for both slower-than-light and faster-than-light travel, whether you fly at the speed of plot or like to crunch the numbers
  • An extensive catalogue of land, marine, air, space and hybrid vehicles to get your heroes from Alpha Centauri to Betelgeuse and everywhere else
  • Deck plans of the featured starships and interplanetary craft
  • Vehicle combat rules that scale from starfighter dogfights to epic battles between mighty dreadnoughts that will engage the entire party in the action

HARP SF Xtreme is one giant leap for your HARP SF gaming!
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