Christmas in July

To celebrate High Adventure Role Playing (HARP) Fantasy becoming a gold pick product on RPGNow (one of only 95 products designated as gold picks), you can now get the entire HARP line as pdfs with 25% off!
If you haven’t played HARP already, now is the perfect time to do so and here’s why it has become one of the best selling products on RPGNow:
HARP Fantasy brings you everything you love about fantasy role-playing: flexible character creation, exciting combat, critical hits, potent magic and challenging foes.

  • Fast, Exciting Character Creation – choose from nine professions, six races, and seven cultures, and dozens of skills and talents
  • Combat that leaves you breathless with one roll combat resolution
  • Truly flexible and dynamic scalable spell system
  • A bestiary of diverse monsters to challenge any adventurer
  • A veritable treasure hoard of magic items, mystical herbs and deadly poisons
  • Rules for fantasy adventuring and guidance on customising the rules to suit your needs
  • Everything you need to play in one book

Alternatively, if you prefer science fiction focused on events on a single inhabited world in the near future or is a galaxy-spanning epic set millenia hence in the far future, why not try HARP SF. HARP SF retains all the simplicity and flexibility of the original HARP Fantasy game while expanding its reach to a whole new universe of infinite possibilities.
Key features include: Flexible character creation, critical hits and team effort, Transhumans and Psionics. Everything you need for a great Science Fiction roleplaying experience.
You can also expand on you HARP Fantasy or HARP SF games by purchasing HARP Martial Law, HARP College of Magics or HARP SF Xtreme, all with 25% off!

HARP Martial Law breaks new ground in the field of fantasy role playing combat rules. It expands the fast, dramatic combat of HARP Fantasy to include detailed hit location criticals. Also included is a section on creating and playing warriors in fantasy settings and cool new moves and equipment for fighters.

HARPHARP College of Magics on the other hand expands the depth and breadth of HARP magic. This product introduces new types of magic, including natural magic, alchemy, and enchantment. College of Magics also includes rules for creating and designing new spells, and a primer on temporary and permanent magic item design. And of course new professions: The Elementalist, the Vivamancer, the Thaumaturge, and the Necromancer.
If however you’re looking to expand your HARP SF game, why not get HARP SF Xtreme. HARP SF Xtreme offers a complete set of vehicular rules for both slower-than-light and faster-than-light travel, an extensive catalogue of land, marine, air, space and hybrid vehicles to get your heroes from Alpha Centauri to Betelgeuse and everywhere else, deck plans of the featured starships and interplanetary craft and vehicle combat rules that scale from starfighter dogfights to epic battles between mighty dreadnoughts that will engage the entire party in the action.